Manufacture of equipment for metal stamping of automotive parts. Structural car body parts and other parts like wipers, electrical windows, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, radiators, levers, pedals, seat supports, gear box parts, wheels, damping supports, etc …


Feeding lines to produce a variety of metal components for the building sector and derivatives. Parts like braces, clamps, straps, locks and hinges for doors, carpentry parts, metal supports, perforated plates, etc ..


Installations for the manufacture of parts for household appliances sector or white goods. Metal pieces like motor housings, doors, trays, guides, caps, supports, brackets, handles, etc …


Many solutions for the blanking of metal parts for lighting sector. Several parts such as housings, panels, brackets, feet, arms, buttons, diffusers, etc …

Other sectors

LARA has manufactured equipment for many other sectors related with metal forming industry for companies that manufacture consumer electronics, coins, cutlery, Kitchenware, Motorcycles, metal furniture, metal shelving and other products.